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About Avital
Avital is excited to meet you and share with you her love and passion for yoga and movement.
She began practicing yoga in 2003 to find some balance and stress relief in a busy career of being a Registered Nurse and the humble art of mothering two lovely energetic boys. Later yoga became a passion, a lifestyle, and led to a new and exciting career.

Avital is looking forward to seeing you on the mat and giving back to you those benefits of yoga that have kept enriching her life for so many years.

Avital has never stopped learning about yoga and teaching, and she is drawing her inspirations from master teachers classes, additional teacher trainings, workshops, books and her own experience. That's why her classes are never boring, always fun and challenging just enough to make you hardly wait for the next class. Avital is knowledgeable and encouraging. She uses her 20 years experience as a Registered Nurse to efficiently connect to people of different age groups as well as different needs and fitness levels.

If you have never done yoga before as well as if you are seasoned practitioner, Avital always can skilfully structure a class that will suit your needs.